Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Solanaceae Harvest

I planted heavily from the nightshade family this year. Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes of course, and I have put up 20 quarts of tomatoes and eaten enough fresh ones to turn my innards deep red. This year was also the first year I tried to grow potatoes to a significant degree. I was interested to see if my new techique of mounding up beds would help with potatoes, and boy was I astounded. The same mound that grew huge hubbard squash last year delivered large, beautiful red and gold potatoes. Peppers also did ok, though the bed I put them in was not as good as the ones I used for potatoes and the results showed. Even so, I still had enough poblanos to keep my Sunday eggs warm and spicy.

This year has been rewarding in several ways. The wet spring revived a blackberry bush I thought I had lost. It came back from it's roots with unbelievable growth and still managed to crank out blackberries like crazy. My first year's production of raspberries is small, but good enough to give hope for the future. Currants, grapes and strawberries have been topping my morning cereal for much of the summer and now blackberries are filling the role nicely. It has been a good garden year.

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